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Kinney Custom Carpenters
Kinney Custom Carpenters offers custom exterior and interior trim work for residential and business property owners.

Contractors Area: Boise Idaho  & surrounding areas 
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From: Carpentry
Supplier Rating: 10.00 from 1 users
Member Since: Nov 17, 2007
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By: Matheus
Just because you like woiknrg with your hands, it does not mean it should be your career. If you do it everyday for a paycheck, is not the same as if you do it occasionally because you want to or have interest in it. There is no substitute for higher education. If you just finished high school, you should get a college degree; if you don't 10 years from now you will be undereducated and there will be millions of people with better credentials as your competition. My best advice, if you can afford it is a 4 year college degree, if you have limited means, then 2 years at your local community college to get the basics out of the way, then finish your education at a university or college that will accept the transferred credits from the community college. IF you like woiknrg in construction, I suggest a degree in construction management, project management or industrial engineering. A Bachelor's degree in any of these fields will open up MANY MANY good-paying job opportunities for you 4 years from now. Don't trade a 10-15/hr job now for a 30-50/hr then, it just doesn't make sense, even if you have to take out a student loan. Then once you've landed a salaried job, then you can use your talents and ambition and build yourself a house!Good Luck!
Date: Oct 5, 2012

By: Egi
Not going to lie. I enjoy when Cody's gone for a long time. Let's me have me time. It's not always easy when the kid is awake and ON ONE, but we are able to keep our own sdlceuhe, our own routine and there's only one of us that she has to listen to. When Cody enters the picture he messes up the whole thing we had going.Not that I don't love having him around. I do I do.But I guess after seven years of being alone a majority of the time I finally became okay with being by myself and working Cody in when he had the time instead of planning my life around when he MAY have time to fit us in. It has worked very well for us all.moosh in indy.'s last blog post..
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