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Add a Ceiling Fan, Light Fixture or Smoke Detector from The Wiremold Company

Add a Ceiling Fan, Light Fixture or Smoke Detector from The Wiremold Company
Wiremold Metal Raceway. The raceway of choice for heavy-duty applications including brick walls, concrete or post and beam. Available in standard and high capacity to accommodate most uses. Makes running power a snap wherever you need it. Paintable to accent your decor.
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By: Dasha
Hello Miss Cindy,I love how it's taken you a few years to "evolve" into your style. Not wanting to sound cicitral of HGTV shows... but so many of the programs deal with "instant" gratification. Like on Color Splash or some program like that... (in a 1/2 hour program) but in reality taking two days or however long it takes, they can go from a room that looks like the atom bomb hit at ground zero and make it look like a decorators dream. Ya know what I mean? I would be facinated to be able to go to a taping of some of the shows they promote, and see how long in "real time" it takes. I think we would all be surprised.Anyhow... I believe home decorating is a process of evolving. And what we may have fancied a couple or few years ago may not really interest us now.Just know that you're a very talented lady. I loved the "before" and "after" pics. But it didn't happen over night right? It's a loving, grooming, layering, evolving process. If it happens overnight... I'm not sure how "personal" it could really be. Just my humble opinion. Have a great Monday.PS - Also, I'm making progress on my photos. Now I just need to figure out how to get them on my blog. Any help out there for the completely computer hopeless?:)
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