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Airmatic Inc. -- Helping Producers Excel -
Our General Line Industrial and Contractor Supplies Dvision offers MRO and special products and services by manufacturers, contractors, repair shops, and commercial facilities., Industrial Distributor offering production and maintenance tools and supplies, bulk materials handling products and services.

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By: Burcu
HI! So many great things to say but I'll try to be brief The first iromessipns of the restaurant were wonderful, the details in the decor, from the beautiful lights to the rustic seats made from hessian sacks. The service from the professional, enthusiastic staff was attentive and passionate. The beer was lovely and the food, the food was as good as I can remember. In fact it was some of the best, perfectly seasoned and cooked food that I have ever eaten. I had a wonderful fish stew, in a broth that was brimming with flavour, and my girlfriend had the mackerel, which was divine. We had to try a dessert even though we were pretty full but I wanted to see if this course was as delicious as the main. We shared the chocolate and cola cake with stout ice-cream and it was truly delightful. I have eaten in some nice restaurants but this was easily in my top two, possibly a new entry straight in at number 1! The ethics, philosophy and the vision of the eatery are admirable and I really cannot recommend this place highly enough, it needs to be shouted from the rooftops ..'EAT HERE'!!! The only drawback was that we only discovered it on our last night on holiday in Wales, I would have been extremely happy to eat here every night, trying a new dish each time. Well done to all at this fantastic, gem of an eatery. And good luck for the future! From a very impressed Ian and Antje from Kent.
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