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Termite Control - How To Kill Termites
Read about how to kill termites at Contractor Find USA.

How can YOU kill termites ?  

1 - Identify Your Termites
90% of termite populations in the USA are those of subterranean termites.  10% are those of drywood termites.  You need to know the difference before you begin treatment.  If you live in a coastal area where high humidity exists, then you could be dealing with drywood termites.  Subterranean termites travel in mud shelter tubes.  Drywood termites leave small holes and fecel pellets called frass.  
Click here for more info on how to identify termites.

2 - Kill Existing Termites
In order to stop termite infestations and to prevent more damage from occurring, chemicals have to be applied to kill termites.  
Premise 2  is the product of choice for treating soil and BoraCare is the product of choice for treating wood.  Most treatments are made to areas where termites are active and a few feet on each side of the infestation.  Premise 2 and BoraCare are the #1 products used throughout the WORLD and recommended by most Universities.
Click Here For More Info on Spot Treatments

3 - Bait The Colony
Termite baiting is the only treatment that has a proven effect on the termite colony.  Killing existing termites will stop the attack of your home or building, but only termite baiting will reduce the termite population.  We carry HomeChoice and Terminate brand termite baits.  These termite baits are proven to kill termites in Laboratory and University tests, and are used by professional pest control companies all over the World !  

Professional termite baiting services are an expensive service that are not guaranteed to work.  With some systems you don't even own them - you lease them.  Why not do it yourself ?  You can achieve the same results as a professional by using the same products !   Do it yourself and save thousands of dollars - plus own your termite baiting system !

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By: Josue
I live on the first floor of an apartment buidilng. The buidilng is made from cement, NOT wood, YET termites keep coming and making lines from mud they dig up from the walls :-/ and now they are behind the TILES so i cant detect their entry point without breaking the tiles, which i am doing :-/. Any tips? I live in Pakistan.
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